New track maintenance gear - thanks Trail Fund nz, Husqvarna and Bay Motorcycles.
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Trailfund NZ granted us $1400 to purchase this track maintenance gear.
Husqvarna and Bay Motorcycles came to the party giving us over $2500 worth product for the granted sum. 
What we got was a grunty weed eater & blower to make track maintenance easier plus two lots of safety gear.
Photo shows Tim Kilkolly (Husqvarna) & Wayne Thompson (Bay Motorcycles) giving the good oil on how to operate it.
Thanks guys and Trailfund NZ.
Since tried the blower does a great job of getting rid of those derailleur bending sticks.
Always looking for people to help on the trails, get in touch.

Trevor Plunkett
Clean up at the Swing Bridge

Will Tully offered to do some work for us down at the swingbridge at no cost to us. He spent the morning there clearing blackberry and rubbish. Really appreciate the gift Will and thanks for your support. Saved us a heap of backbreaking work if we had to do it by hand
Picnic area coming along nicely. Note more natives have been planted by the boys at Regional Council and Reesie mowed the area.
Looks great.

Will Tully cleaning up scrub
Will Tully
Trevor Plunkett