Cyclists have a variety of options

Cycling on the Tuki Tuki Trail

For the leisure cyclist there are high-quality limestone trails on the stop banks on both sides of the Tukituki River which offer a lovely loop of easy contour riding. These trails are also linked to Waipawa via Tapairu Road.

Access to either side of the Tukituki River can be gained by either the 100 m long swing bridge which is a special feature of the trail, or the Bridge at Waipukurau.

This trail provides excellent access to the river for other recreational activities such as picnicking, swimming and trout fishing.

There is an additional trail which runs on the true left of the river upstream from Waipukurau which leads to the unspoiled Lindsay Native Bush Reserve and the Limestone Water Race Tunnel.

Full details & maps of all these cycle trails can be viewed here.