New track maintenance gear - thanks Trail Fund nz, Husqvarna and Bay Motorcycles.

Husq Photo-1.jpg


Trailfund NZ granted us $1400 to purchase this track maintenance gear.
Husqvarna and Bay Motorcycles came to the party giving us over $2500 worth product for the granted sum. 
What we got was a grunty weed eater & blower to make track maintenance easier plus two lots of safety gear.
Photo shows Tim Kilkolly (Husqvarna) & Wayne Thompson (Bay Motorcycles) giving the good oil on how to operate it.
Thanks guys and Trailfund NZ.
Since tried the blower does a great job of getting rid of those derailleur bending sticks.
Always looking for people to help on the trails, get in touch.

Trevor Plunkett