Mountain Biking

Mountain bikers have several options.

Gum Tree Park.

They can take advantage of the network of some 30 km of single track which run parallel to the limestone trails in the river berm or ride Gum Tree Farm, a designated mountain bike Park situated off Mt Herbert road and is linked to the river trails.

Full details & maps of all these trails can be viewed here.

New tracks for the Gum Tree Park.

Liam and Ollie clearing the path in prep for two new trails to be built by Southstar starting Monday in the Gum Tree Farm mtb park. Thanks to you boys plus James & Mitchell. Much more to be done if you can help call me 0275 904551

Gum Tree Park entrance

This is the entrance to the Gum Tree Mountain Bike Park - on Mount Herbert Road.  Car parking is here too - no motor vehicles beyond the gate.